Our history

Brief history – The API was formed in 1999 as a response to abuse of minority shareholders at Yukos, the Russian oil company. The API formed a successful coalition of investors that was able to protect the interests of its members to a large extent.

This initial success led to the API becoming a permanent alliance, “for investors and by investors” (that is, actively controlled and managed by investors), the only one of its kind in Russia.

Since those times, the IPA has had a successful 13-year history of fighting for investors’ rights. Over the years, we played a key role in two of the largest reorganizations in the Russian markets – those of Svyazinvest (under Rostelecom) and RAO UES – elected hundreds of independent directors onto the boards of public Russian companies, blocked countless value-destroying transactions, among many other accomplishments.

Unlike other organization in the corporate governance sphere in Russia, we are in no way financed through cash flows from majority shareholders and other interested parties, and are funded solely through our members’ support. As a result, we can boast true independence and an untarnished reputation among market participants, as our track record shows.

With every new member, we grow stronger. The more investors we represent, the more impact we can have in negotiations with majority shareholders, regulators, and in our lobbying efforts with the Russian government. Consequently, every new member benefits more than the ones before did upon joining. We invite you to consider joining our organization. You will be part of the best mechanism for protecting your investor interests that exists in Russia today.
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